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Your objective is to score as many goals on net within a 1 hour time period. There will be 2 periods, 22 minutes long. There will be 1 goalie and 4 players out on each side. There will be absolutely no contact or aggression in this league. We're here for fun and good sportsmanship is key.


Minimum Player Requirements:

 - 5 Players max on the court (1 Goalie + 4 Players Out)

 - 2 Females must be on the court at all times (ex. Female Goalie + Female Forward)

 - If you do not have enough females then you can play shorthanded, (ex. 1 Goalie + 3 Players out)

 - Goalies: You must have a goalie with full gear. We have loaner equipment if needed at no extra cost

 - You must have at least 4 players attend, otherwise your team will instantly forfeit the match

 - Contact the league coordinator if you know you don't have enough players. We can easily find you a player from our sub list.


Safety & Equipment:

- All players are recommended to wear the following:

   - Protective Eyewear

   - Soccer Shinpads

   - Indoor running shoes

   - Gloves


- Goalies must wear the following to play in net (BSL has all of the below equipment to loan out) :

   - Helmet with Cage

   - Gloves/Blocker

   - Jock or Jill

   - Goalie Pads

   - Chest Protector

   - Goalie Glove (baseball glove will suffice)


- Ball Hockey Sticks

   - Outside sticks are NOT permitted unless you are a goalie

   - All sticks will be provided by BSL (Plastic blade)

   - Goalies can bring their own sticks or use ours

   - Sticks are designed for adults

      - Fiberglass Shaft

      - Flexible blade for righties and lefties

      - 60" or 54" shaft lengths for all heights


Team Colours:

   - Check the Schedule for which colour your team will wear that evening.

   - Home Team will wear Dark shirts

   - Away team will wear Light Shirts

   - Pinnies must be worn if team isn't matching


Starting the Game:

 - Face offs will be held at the beginning of each period

 - Players will start with stick on ground, then tap 3 times and say "B.S.L." with each stick tap

 - After the "L" is spoken both players can face off for the ball


After a Goal:

 - No face-off will occur

 - The team which was scored on will automatically get possession

 - The game is not live again until the team who just scored returns to their side (past half)


Slapshots & High Sticks:

 - There will be NO full slapshots

 - You can only raise your stick as high as your knee to take a shot

 - NO High Sticks - please be mindful of your follow through

 - Do not raise sticks above crossbar in any circumstance (ex. knocking ball out of the air)



- Should a minor penalty occur, the whistle will be blown and the opposing team will gain possession of the ball.

     - There will be no stoppage of play or faceoff

- Each Minor penalty will be tallied and at the end of the game the opposing team will be awarded one penalty shot for each penalty assessed

- Major penalties will be assessed at the discretion of the game official and result in a game ejection

- An accumulation of 3 minor penalties per one player will result in a game ejection


Minor Penalties include: Minor stick infractions (hooking, slashing, tripping, high sticking, butt ending), goaltender interference, shoving/pushing at the discretion of the game official.


Major Penalties include: Unsportsmanlike conduct, body checking/shoving/pushing at the discretion of the game official, stick infractions at the discretion of the game official



 - There will be no offsides



 - Players can sub in and out at anytime

 - Maximum 5 players on the court per side at anytime.

 - Having 6 or more players on one side will result in the opposing team gaining control on the ball


Goalie Conduct:

 - Players may not enter the crease

 - Goalies may not cross half court

 - Once the goalie traps the ball in the glove there is to be NO contact with sticks to remove the ball

 - Goalies cannot be pulled from the game to add an extra forward

 - If the ball hits the back of the net it is instantly the goalies ball



- Each team will have 2 timeouts which will each be 1 minute long

- Injured players will NOT stop the clock unless a timeout is called, although the play will stop until the injured player is safely removed


Physical Contact:

 - This is a non-contact league

 - There will be no checking, bumping, slashing or any other type of physical contact which could lead to an injury

 - Physical Contact will be dealt with on a case by case basis

 - Bowmanville Sports Leagues reserves the right to eject and suspend players without refund


Scoring Defined:

 - Each game is played for 1 hour with 3 periods lasting 15 minutes each.

 - The team that has the most goals at the end of the 3rd period is the winner.


Standings are ranked as follows:

 - Teams will be ranked based on Games Won, then Goals For and finally Streak

 - It is the responsibility of both team captains to write down the scores of their game on the provided slip

 - The slip will be left beside the scoreboard on a clipboard


Ties will be broken as follows:

 - Regular Season: Simultaneous Shootout (3 Players from each side will participate at same time, 1 must be a female)

 - Post Season: Overtime (Sudden Death for 10 mins) then a shoot out to the victor (1 redemption shot)


Post Season:

If teams have the same # of Games Won, Goals For & Streak at the end of the season then a coin flip will occur.


Rule Enforcement:

Most parts of the game are self officiated (no referees), therefore, players are required to be honest and demonstrate good sportsmanship. Players are expected to enforce & uphold the rules listed in this document. All games will be overseen by the league convener. The league convener is responsible for ruling on any situation that the teams cannot agree with. The conveners decision is final, no exceptions. The convener has the right to stop a game and discuss the incident before making a decision. Good sportsmanship is key here, protesting or unsportsmanlike conduct is strictly prohibited.  The convener has the authority to issue suspensions and ejections without a refund in extreme cases where unsportsmanlike conduct has been displayed.

Let's all have fun here!


Game Rules - Violence

 - This is a non-contact league, checking, bumping, slashing, poking with sticks will result in an immediate ejection without refund

 - Any player leaving the bench as a result of a dispute may be ejected indefinitely without refund



Any abuse, whether it be physical, sexual, or mental is not acceptable in any manner. If any of these types of abuse are reported, the player or team will receive a verbal warning. If a second incident occurs, the player or team will be asked to leave the league or tournament without refund. Teams are responsible for other teammates' actions; as a teammate, please encourage good sportsmanship at all times. Bowmanville Sports Leagues reserves the right to eject a player or team without a warning and without a refund. This league is to be enjoyable and fun for everyone, let's keep it that way.


Alcohol is not permitted at any game or event, offenders will be asked to leave the league without refund. Playing while intoxicated is also prohibited.



Thank you for reading the rules set out by BSL.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact us.

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