2017 Ball Hockey Standings


Won: # of games won        Lost: # of games lost     Tie: # of games tied

GF: Goals For: The total number of goals earned in regular season play

GA: Goals Against: The total number of goals scored against the team in regular season Play

STRK: Streak: How many wins or losses in a row

Points: Win = 2 Points | Loss = 0 Points | Tie = 1 Point

Scoring Defined:

 - Each game is played for 1 hour with 2 halves lasting 22 minutes each

 - The team that has the most goals at the end of the 2nd half is the winner

 - A Win counts as 2 points

 - A Tie counts as 1 point

 - A Loss scores 0 points


Standings are ranked as follows:

 - Teams will be ranked based on Points, then Goals For and finally Streak.

 - It is the responsibility of both team captains to write down the scores of their game on the provided slip.

 - This slip will be left beside the scoreboard on a clipboard.


Ties will be broken as follows:

Regular Season: Ties will count as one point

Post Season: Shoot out to the victor


Post Season:

If teams have the same # of Games Won, Goals For & Streak at the end of the season then a coin flip will occur.


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